Pardubice is an important university city and the capital of a region renowned for its gingerbread and the world-famous international steeplechase race, Velká Pardubická.

It is located in East Bohemia about 90 minutes‘ drive from the capital city of Prague. The historical center of the city is a dedicated conservation area with its landmark ‚Green Gate‘ On the front of this building is a fine design by Mikoláš Aleš depicting the coat of arms of the lords of Pardubice.

What to visit

The Renaissance chateau is a major landmark of the town of Pardubice. Built during the rule of the Pernštejn family, the chateau houses a collection of beautiful paintings, original stone portals and coffered ceilings.

The beautiful burgher houses on Perštýnské square contain traces of late Gothic architecture. Most of the houses were renovated during the Baroque, Rococo, Classicist, and Empire periods. Among the houses is “U Jonas”, with its famous facade. You can also visit the magnificent town hall and the plague column dedicated to Our Lady.

The castle ruins on nearby Kunětická hill date from the beginning of the 15th century. From this viewpoint you can admire the beautiful surrounding countryside.

A famous son of Pardubice

Jan Kašpar is one of the most famous Czech airmen. Born in Pardubice, he studied at Prague Technical University and his first job was making components for airships. He dreamed of flying himself, but because even the cheapest airship was far too expensive for him to buy, he decided to build his own flying machine, just like the Wright Brothers had.

Kašpar’s first flight, over a distance of two kilometers, was on 16 April 1910, a mere seven years after the first flight conducted by Wilbur and Orville. This day is regarded as the birthday of Czech aeronautics. On 13 May 1911, he carried out his historic flight from Pardubice to Prague.

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