Konopiste Castle

The medieval castle of Konopiste was founded as a gothic fortress moded after French castles at the end of 13th century. The castle possesses extraordinarily rich collections of art and crafts from the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Modern periods. It is surrounded by a large park with a beautiful rose garden and greenhouse.

In 1887 the castle was bought by Franz Ferdinand d’Este, a successor to the Austro-Hungarian throne whose later assassination lit the fuse for World War I. The Archduke had the chateau and its grounds remodelled in the contemporary style.  He also filled the rooms with his own extensive collections, alongside works inherited from his family.

If you visit the castle during the summer, you can wander through the park, rose garden and lake. Don’t forget to look out for the castle moat once guarded by bears.

Explore the castle with a local guide

Various tours are available: Tours I and II take you to the South Wing or the North Wing. In addition, you can also visit the private apartment of the family of Archuduke Franz Ferdinand (Tour III) or admire hunting trophies (Tour IV)

Konopiste Chateau in Pictures