The picturesque town of Telc attracts visitors to the architectural monuments of all building styles of the past millennium. The historical center of the town is one of the most valuable urban conservation monuments in Moravia. It was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage. We can find there architectural monuments of extraordinary value (bourgeois, churchs of an aristocratic character). The elements of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture blend into them

What to visit:
In Telč you can visit a chateau with a Renaissance garden, a park and a greenhouse, the Vysočina Museum, the Church of Sts. James, Names Jesus and St. James, Spirit, Konvikt sv. Angels, Jesuit college and grammar school, galleries, Marian column, fountains, observation towers of St. Jacob and St. The Ghost, the city fortifications, the Upper and Lower Gates and the burgher houses with arcades, as well as the Old Town with the Church of the Mother of God and Baroque sculptures, all surrounded by three ponds.

Telč Chateau was originally built as a Gothic castle. In the middle of the 16th century it was rebuilt by Zacharias of Hradec as a Renaissance residence. This style has been preserved in the interior even today. Part of the chateau complex is the castle underground and the castle garden with a park.

The square of Zacharias of Hradec is lined with picturesque houses with arcades. Houses of typical city scenery. Arcades, facades and shields were built individually. The renaissance character preserved only some of them. Most facades and shields also bear Baroque, and other styles.

A very interesting place is the Telč’s underground under the square Zacharias of Hradec.
Under most of the houses on the square, but also under the part of the castle complex are medieval cellars. The cellars were connected by corridors, the accessible part of which is nearly 150 m long and offers an interactive entertainment and educational exhibition.

Places of interest in Telc:
The loveliest town in the Bohemian-Moravian Uplands in undoubtedly Telč. There is nothing to suggest by way of improvement; everything is in its right place. Telč has an enchanting location, amid dams, it abounds with sights creating a completely harmonious unity, which was awarded by inclusion on the UNESCO list of cultural heritage.

The father of this loveliness is Zacharias of Hradec, who in 1550 inherited the local Gothic fort together with the adjacent town. He spent one year in Italy, from where he brought a brimful of architectural ideas and inspirations. He was amazed by the fabulous Italian Renaissance, which he decided to have in Telč – no matter what is going to take. Telč is very picturesque, perfect for sightseeing and will complete your holiday in the Czech Republic.