Theatre & Concerts in Prague

Prague has always been a true cultural centre, offering a number of theatre performances , museums, galleries, concert halls or exhibitions and hosting various international festivals.

Major Cultural Stops in Prague

Opera: Prague is one of the operatic Meccas together with Italy and Vienna. There are three major opera houses in Prague: the National Theatre, the Estates Theatre and the State Opera – all with splendid interiors. The repertoir is predominantly traditional with a few modern pieces or stagings. Mozart premiered his Don Giovanni in the Estates Theatre and you can experience it in the very theatre for which he composed it.

Ballet: Both the National and Estates Theatres regularly feature traditional and modern ballet pieces with local and international stars in our ensembles. Tourists also enjoy the Laterna Magika performances which blend dance, film and pantomime aspects or black-light theatre pieces. Laterna Magika’s conceptual theatre pioneered the multimedia presentation since 1958 and it currently resides in the New Stage building.

Classical Music: Besides our major classical halls, the Rudolfinum and the Municipal House (both worth visiting just for the interiors), there are many oportunities to hear chamber music or concerts in churches. The peak of our concert season is the Prague Spring International Music Festival.

Jazz and Blues: Jazz music arrived in the Czech Republic in time of brief freedom between the first and second world war. It took its roots and remained surprisingly popular, breeding generations of excellent musicians. There are many pleasant jazz an blues clubs downtown. Another fun way to enjoy jazz is during a river cruise.

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