Spa Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary (a.k.a. Carlsbad) is a world famous spa with rich history. In the city, all the buildings are constructed in various styles from Classicism to Art Nouveau. For many centuries this world-famous spa has been known for its 12 medicinal mineral springs and the production of „the thirteenth spring“ – Carlsbads Becherovka herb liqueur. You can also find historical and modern colonnades, locally manufactured glass Moser, porcelain and special wafer.

What to visit:
Among the most interesting places are the local spa houses, hotels and colonnades.

Hotel Thermal – a spa hotel with a congress center and a swimming pool is located in the city center. Every year the International Film Festival takes place here.

Hotel Imperial is one of the city’s dominant. It was built before World War I and was used mostly by international clients.

Hotel Pupp – a traditional hotel with two parts Park hotel Pupp and Grand hotel Pupp the famous luxury hotel in the city center. The hotel was founded by Mr. Pupp in the middle of 18th century.

Among the most interesting colonnades you can see the Sadová, Mlýnská, Tržní, Zámecká and Vřídelní colonnades– here you can admire the hot water geyser – Vřídlo.

You can also visit the Jan Becher Museum where you can taste all kinds of this world-famous liqueur and, of course, there s Moser Glassworks.

The entire city can be seen from the Diana lookout tower.

Karlovy Vary in Pictures