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Prague Tours in Private Cars

Take a tour with Prague & You – sightseeing made easy. Get the best out of your visit to Prague with our chaufeured cars, vans or buses. Our driver will smoothly take you from site to site (saving your feet and time) and provide you with information along the way. Enjoy one of our pre-designed routes featuring the most interesting historic and cultural sites or design your own tour! See more about Prague Tours in Private Cars, Vans and Buses

Tour Czech Republic Cars, Vans or Buses

Many tourists who come to Prague miss the countryside. Yet the Czech lands are spectacularly beautiful with rolling hills, deep forests, flowering fields, picturesque towns and villages, many lakes and rock formations. Czech Republic also has over 30.000 major sites of historic importance such as castles, chateaus, churches, monasteries or fortresses, as well as 12 World Heritage Sites listed by UNESCO. Let us take you on Private Tours Out of Prague – Tour Czech Republic.

Budget Sightseeing Touring: Driver = Guide

Take advantage of our budget tours! Save money by hiring a private chauffeur and English speaking guide in one person.

Experience a more personal service in a friendly atmosphere – our chauffeur will take you on a sightseeing tour around Prague or other popular destinations and share with you their local knowledge in their own words (most of them English of course!). Join us for a Budget Tour of Prague or favorite destinations in the countryside.